City and Guilds Level 2 Award in the Safe Application of Pesticides using self-propelled, Mounted, Trailed Horizontal Boom Sprayers


The course is designed to comply with the codes of practice required by those involved in the storage, handling and application of pesticide by operators using Boom sprayers.


Course Content: Current legislation relating to pesticide application, understanding of correct type and use of protective clothing, personal hygiene, understanding pesticide labels to ensure protection of operator, the public and environment. Understanding the safe operation of the spraying equipment, including correct nozzle selection, calibration and adjustments. Identification of applicator controls and components. Demonstrate knowledge of liquid flow and action of filling, remove, clean and replace filter, knowledge of nozzle types and their spray quality. Preparation of the prime mover, knowledge of safety and legal requirements at all times, Safe driving, mechanical defects, security of attachment of machinery and lubrication requirements. Demonstrate knowledge of the control panel and any exterior controls. Knowledge of action to be taken in the event of machinery failure, read and interpret a product label, select spray volume, quality. Partly fill sprayer, check boom suspension, and break back devices, select and calculate speed, calculate required output / volume rate / pressure. Check for leaks and spray pattern, check anti-drip mechanism. Demonstrate knowledge of procedure in the event of blocked nozzles, set operating pressure, check nozzle output. Demonstrate correct and safe field operation of sprayer.

Please Note: Trainees must be able to read and interpret product label information. They must also be physically fit and able to carry out the tasks required of the assessment schedule.

Price £205.00 + VAT Includes Registration, Training & Assessment