From 1st June 2016 farmers who have not completed an approved training course will not be permitted to buy and use these products, unless they are a member of an approved farm assurance scheme.

The Safe Use of Pesticides for Vertebrate Pest Control (Rats and Mice)

Training in the varying methods of pest control on vermin and pests, and understanding what products to use and methods of using them correctly and effectively. This qualification covers the control of vertebrate pests through a range of methods, covering preventative management, site survey, species recognition, health and safety, legislation and safe practice. The certificate is endorsed according to the species rats and mice.

Course content: Operators responsibilities under current legislation and codes of practice, interpretation of a product label, and ppe requirements, avoidance of contamination, symptoms of contamination, methods of dealing with contamination. Storage and transport of rodenticides, waste reduction, disposal of materials, record keeping, minimisation of environmental risks. Safe application methods, biology and activity of rats and mice, identification of infestation and implications of rodent presence. Natural control methods, and protection of non-target species. Demonstrate how to place rodenticide safely to control rats and mice while protecting human health and the environment.

Candidates must be a minimum age of 16 or over.
Please note: Trainees must be able to read and interpret product label information.

£150.00 + VAT Includes Registration, Training & Assessment